Check out the inside of the grooming van, its like a little grooming shop on wheels! 

Local Dog, Mobile Pet Washing and Grooming Service Awesomeness 

  • Mobile grooming offers all the same services as most brick and mortar grooming salons.  The difference is that with mobile grooming, such as Local Dog, your pet gets individual treatment and attention.  My focus is on taking care of your pup, which also means no need for spending idle time in a crate - ever! ‚Äč
  •  Going mobile is also convenient for you, the pet parent.  The entire process takes place in your driveway, or on the curb inside the van.  Each dog varies in time it takes to groom, depending on size, coat and condition - but most services take only about an hour or less, per dog.
  •  Just think, no waiting around for hours to go back and pick up the dog!  As soon as they're finished, smelling beautiful and tidied up, its right back in the house or backyard. 

Try Local Dog mobile pet washing and grooming service, your dog will thank you for it!!  Woof!

What exactly IS mobile dog grooming? Im glad you asked!